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The progressive editorial cartoon about the ten commandments.

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The Ten Con-Man-Ments

When you look at the Ten Commandments with a fresh eye it looks suspiciously unlike a cranky deity laying down the law for a lot of unruly residents of his brand-new planet and more like a wish-list drawn up by slaves who have grown tired of living in bondage.

If the former were true the Ten Commandments would end with "Follow the rules or else yer gonna burn, pilgrim!"



The following is for me alone but I invite you to join me in remembering a fallen comrade.

Thirty years ago I was running weekly evenings of war-gaming at a local rec center. One night a 16-year-old lanky collection of legs and arms, and enough chin for two people, appeared at my table. He caught on to the rules without effort and quickly developed an enthusiasm for the game. After the night was over he asked for a ride home, which was odd as he hardly knew me. I don't know what he saw in me but he decided he was going to be my friend. That's how Josh worked and it was just fine with me.
In the process I also got to meet his parents, two of the nicest folks on the planet. (Hi, Bob! Hi, Phyllis!)

Josh and I both spent a lot of time at the gaming tables, geeking-out on the finer details of the games in which we indulged. To make extra money, while still in high school, Josh hawked [a well-known brand of] knives door-to-door, and he was danged good at it!

Eventually he left for college, Brandeis, to be exact, and we kept in touch almost daily via a new thing called "email". He came home to Dallas with a degree in psychology, a minor in creative writing, and a black belt in karate.

Of course, with all this collective knowledge he opted to go into show-biz.

He made Las Vegas his new home base, dabbled in real estate, ran a 4K camera-rental business, met a lot of cute women and, most interestingly of all, wrote and produced indie movies. He championed the film industry in Vegas and got deep into the governmental weeds to further its expansion into his fair city. All the more customers to rent his cameras to, of course.

He prospered in all these things, built a beautiful home for himself in the Vegas suburbs and shacked up, as he recently put it to me,"with a rich widow".

I could not have been more proud of him.

And then, last Tuesday, Josh Cohen's aorta ruptured. He was 47.

During the deepest, darkest parts of the COVID pandemic, before vaccines were available, Josh invited me to accompany him on a  trip to Mexico, to have an adventure while the whole world cowered! I had to defer, not wanting to die from Trump's pandemic, but he went anyway. That was Josh.

He is now on his final adventure, this time alone. Knowing Josh as I do I think, given the circumstances, he would have preferred to exit stage left in a more dramatic fashion. One filled with action, intrigue, jealous husbands and maybe a few zombie aliens. Without doubt, there were mountains in his future he yet intended to climb.

I still own one of those well-known knives he graciously gifted me with, lo those many years ago. It currently commands a prominent place in my kitchen and I know that each time I hold it in my hand he will live again, if only in spirit.

Ya did good, kid. Farewell.


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Lefty News for April 22, 2023

Florida passes bill allowing death penalty for child sexual abusers.

Supreme Court rules abortion pills can stay on the market.

Texas schools would have to display Ten Commandments under bill passed by Texas Senate.

Republican lawmakers in Florida have passed bill that takes trans children away from their parents.

Text message reveal Trump operatives tried to decertify Georgia Senate run-off in 2021.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Texas Republicans vote to put the Ten Commandments in classrooms.
Boy, girl, children Teacher, does thou 'shalt not kill mean' we're safe from school shootings now?
Teacher, if my father thinks it's okay if I have to bear my rapist's baby, do I still have to honor him?
Teacher, doesn't 'thou shalt have no other gods before me' mean there must are more than one god?
Teacher, could you spell out all the ways adultery can occur? And go slow so I can take notes. evil grin.
So if I disobey anything on this list I will literally go to Hell, right? Who made this crap up?
George Carlin said this list really all boils down to "Don't be an asshole". Can't we just leave it at that and forget all this 'god' stuff?

The progressive editorial cartoon about the ten commandments.

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