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The progressive editorial cartoon about tucker carlson.

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Replacement Theory

Tucker Carlson's weekend dismissal affected me the same way t-Rump's indictment did... a HUGE sigh of relief accompanied by a similar weight off my battered psyche. It was like being told a cancer had finally gone into remission. Yes, I'm characterizing Rupert Murdoch as the metaphorical cancerous agent while Tuck as the resultant sarcoma.

Yes, Tuesday morning, or Monday evening, would have been the best time to take one last snarky shot at the noxious little, bow-tied twerp but it's never too late to celebrate even a small victory for Democracy as this.

Tuck may have been the spawn of the kings of TV dinners but Rupert ate his lunch.


I recently watched a brief snippet of Jon Stewart interviewing a journalist from Hungary and, in the course of conversation, Stewart made the assertion that Rupert Murdoch's real goal is to destroy the British, Australian, and American Democracies. (And he's doing a damn fine job of it, so far.) I'm so delighted when someone as high-profile as Stewart broadcasts such obvious truths.

I am not for reining in the First Amendment but we certainly need a new vocabulary that makes a very accurate distinction between entertainment and sedition.


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Lefty News for April 26, 2023

Disney sues toilet rat, Ron Desantis, for being a toilet rat.

Super-rich Republican mega-donor Peter Thiel pointedly turns off the taps to the GOP toilet rats.

Toilet rat, Ted Cruz, caught scheming to steal 2020 election.

Chief Toilet Rat, John Roberts, gives middle finger to Congress.

9 out of 10 Republicans would support an orange, convicted rapist/traitor toilet rat's desire to terminate the Constitution.

If you need a break from the insanity that swirls around us
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The progressive editorial cartoon about Tucker Carlson

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