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The progressive editorial cartoon about the invention of heresy, religion, and fire.

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I've come to appreciate churches, synagogues, et al. It tells me where all the gullible people are.

Which is why organized religion despises the unbeliever or the skeptic, because you can't fleece someone if they refuse to huddle together with the other sheep.


I'm going to state this very simply:

If you never want to vote again then don't vote this November or don't vote for the Democrats.

If, on the other hand, you think voting is a good thing then voting for the Democrats this November is your only hope for the future of this country.


More specifically:

If Democrats show up in number and we keep the House plus add two seats to the Senate we can indict Trump, codify Roe, pass voting rights, and expand the Court. Then put Trump on trial, ban assault weapons, pass immigration reform. Then convict Trump, protect Medicare and SS, and make DC and PR states.

Let's make it happen.


Is here a difference between America's two political parties? Yes.

Liberals/Progressives want to find new ways to fix problems.

Conservatives want everything to remain the same because new ideas scare them.


For those on the Right who think they know what marriage is, it's a legal agreement between two people, regardless of sex or skin color.

It's not a religious one.

For that matter, no argument can be made where religion is the answer, unless the question is "What is WRONG with people?"


Next time you hear a scientist saying it's impossible to travel back in time just remind them of the six Conservatives on the Supreme Court.


end rant

News & Notes for October 28, 2022

Oil (inflation) companies (inflation) post (inflation) record profits (inflation).

Conservative policies associated with early death.

Republicans have no plan to stop inflation.

Mike Pence thinks Americans have no right to freedom from religion.

GDP rises in third quarter at better than expected pace.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about the invention of religion and heresy and fire

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