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The progressive editorial cartoon about Halloween at Mar-a-Lago.

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Rodentia Flambe'

The cartoon I honestly wanted to create today involved Mickey Mouse being consumed in flames.

Let me explain.

In April of 2022, Earth Day, a Colorado man named Wynn Bruce sat down in front of the Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C., drenched himself in gasoline, and set himself alight. His intent was to draw attention to the existential threat of climate change.

As one would expect, Mr. Bruce did not survive.

It was the very noblest act of self-sacrifice one can imagine and for the most important cause imaginable, but it was also almost entirely fruitless. Bombarded as we are in this country by almost daily senseless acts of violence Mr. Bruce's defiant gesture soon became lost in the sea of chaos that is luridly covered in graphic detail by our media.

To be brutally honest, Wynn Bruce was just another guy, just another one of eight billion nameless, faceless bricks in the wall.

But what if the person making the same fiery statement was someone we all know and love, or someone so beloved and of such high profile that their sacrifice could not be so easily forgotten? Someone like Morgan Freeman, or Kermit the Frog or, had I contemplated this subject months ago, Betty White.

Betty? Self-immolating? Absolutely heart-breaking. Americans would all be riding bikes to work the next day.

But in my mind I saw Mickey Mouse. I saw him in the first panel of my 'toon telling the world that it needed to stop treating this Earth like a toilet and instead like a rare and valuable thing. Like one's own mother.

In the next three panels he wordlessly steps into a pool of fluid, sets himself alight, and crumples into a heap as his charred body is engulfed in flames. The end.

And then, as a fiat by Disney's CEOs, there would never be a Mickey Mouse in this world again, not one more tacky trinket imprinted with his visage, only the memory of a once-happy rodent to remember.

(If you're predisposed against such corporate megaliths please replace Mickey with Calvin, Santa Claus or Charlie Brown.)

The fifth panel in such a comic would involve expensive legal battles over appropriation of copyrighted characters. Yes, I can certainly use the mouse in parody, that's what the First Amendment is for, but depicting his expiration in a lake of fire is just asking for expensive legal trouble. Instead, I'm sticking with cheap shots at a cheap crook, thank you very much.


It's exactly 60 days before Xmas.

You have been warned.


end rant

News & Notes for October 25, 2022

Clarence Thomas abuses his position on the Court, again.

Mary Trump calls her traitorous uncle "a mass murderer".

On January 6th, Ted Cruz hid in a supply closet.

Nancy Pelosi: "Trump's not man enough to appear before the January 6th committee."

Vaccines for cancer may be ready by as early as 2030.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about Halloween at Mar-a-Lago.

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