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The progressive comic about the GOP's declining standards.

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The New Abnormal

A former president is in court this very day accused of fraud and election interference and it involved a porn star he forced to have sex. Why is this not on TV? (Yes, I KNOW why it's not on TV but it NEEDS to be on TV, goddammit!)

We need to see the faces of his accusers, we need to hear the inflections in the voices of the witnesses. We  need to see Trump sweat and squirm. We need to hear him fart. We need a video record of this trial for posterity.

In an era of cameras in virtually everyone's hand not being able to witness the proceedings of this trial first-hand is simply a ghastly mistake.


Welcome to 1979.

By that I mean, welcome to Iranian Hostage Crisis II.

In 1979, in case you forgot, Iranian students took American embassy employees hostage. It didn't take long for the Iranian revolutionaries to figure out that Ronald Reagan would do anything to be president, so they conspired with him to keep the hostages in Iran until after the election, damaging the Carter re-election campaign. After Reagan won we  saw the destruction and decline of unions and the middle class", and then the Savings & Loan Crisis, and then Iran-Contra, in which Reagan sent American weapons to, well, Iran while simultaneously destabilizing Central America. (Which is, as a result, where all the immigrants are now coming from.)

Now Iran's proxy, HAMAS, has captured hostages of America's ally in the region, Israel, and will hold them as long as it can. The result makes President Biden look weak, though he has little control over that fascist bug-wig Netanyahu, and it is damaging Joe's re-election prospects. Trump, of course, is doing all he can to encourage Israel to "finish the job". Though not specifically working with Iran (As far as we know) his interference only makes the situation in the region worse.

As I said, welcome to 1979. Same playbook, hopefully different results because the destruction to this country that Trump will cause is as nothing compared to Reagan's alzheimered assholery.

- Lefty

end rant

Leftastic News for May 14, 2024

Steve Bannon's headed for federal lock-up. Finally.

Trump lauds.... Hannibal Lecter?

Melania didn't give a shit whose pussy Trump grabbed.

Kamala Harris is fucking correct!

More than 60% of Americans say abortion should be legal.

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The progressive comic about the GOP's declining standards.

huge trucks comic stormy daniels comic