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The progressive comic about Trump fucking porn stars.

end rant

Huge Hefner

I tried to draw von ShitzInPantz in just his tightie-whities in the last panel but my computer barfed all over my mouse and Photoshop is now suing me for unpleasant working conditions.


(And, just because I had some words left over in my brain.... this:)

I went to my local grocery and accumulated an assortment of things my body said it needed to ensure that I might continue being able to return to my local grocery and repeat the process.

The checkout clerk asked if I found everything I needed.
I said "Yes, I found things that I'll put inside my body until my body doesn't need them anymore. Then I shall poop them out. When you think about it, most of the items sold here are pre-poop so you might consider renaming the business 'Pre-Poop' so shoppers will know what to expect".

The clerk said: "That'll be $26.57."

- Lefty

end rant

Leftastic News for May 10, 2024

Trump is literally selling out the country to Big Oil and other corporate concerns.

Steve Bannon's conviction is upheld but is using rich White privilege to remain free... for now.

Trump has a plan for mass executions should he gain the White House.

For one brief, shining moment there came an opportunity to kick around Melania Trump's son but, alas, no.

Marjorie Taylor-Greene pisses into Mike Johnson's wind, gets roundly booed by House members for being a whiny moron.

If you need a break from the insanity that swirls around us
then enjoy the fuzzy love of The Project:

the infinite cat project

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Le Donald, Le Love God
Trump: When wooing ze porn stars always do as I, Le Donald, always do.
First, invite zee porn star of your choice to your luxurious suite and talk for hours about beeznis. Tell her how much she resembles your daughter.
Then raw-dog her when she tries to leave!
Finally, of course, always show of your appreciation by offering the lady zee non-disclosure agreement. Eet's the leetle theengs that count.

The progressive comic about Trump fucking porn stars.

trump's gop comic aileen cannon comic