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The progressive comic about qualified immunity.

end rant

Indemnify This

At a recent rally Trump, backed by a brace of lily-white, male officers of the law, promised that he'd indemnify the police of this country, an idea he said he'd just made up. Indemnification, he said, would save the cops from legal action for doing things like violating the Constitution because they didn't like the way a dirty old Liberal looked at them.

Upon investigation, though, it seems that the state and local police of this country don't need additional permission to relieve their inner tensions by treating their captors to a thorough cranial massage with their night-sticks. No, something called "qualitative immunity" affords them all the protection they need from legal recourse from applied trauma.

A 2014 New York Law Review study of eighty-one law enforcement agencies showed that police having engaged in civil rights abuses were personally liable for less than .5% of damage awards, and never liable for punitive awards. They might be disciplined, terminated or prosecuted but the state always footed the bill for both penalties and legal support.

So why would Trump offer indemnification, too? Danged if I know. Maybe he just learned a new word or, more likely, he knows the wolf likes nothing better than a new way to eat cheep.


No Labels has decided not to field a third-party candidate in 2024 for reasons of their own, but I think it's because interior polling numbers suggest a huge ass-kicking of Trump no matter how many 1% spoiler candidates are on the ballot in November. Either way, good, and I hope the doorknob hits them in the ass on the way out.


I'm currently reading a book about the Comanche called "Empire of the Summer Moon". Great book as it pointedly illustrates that my great state of Texas would very likely have still been in Spanish/Mexican hands today had the plains not been awash in what the books described as "The greatest light cavalry this country had ever seen."

Why? Because the Mexican government was completely unable to control the Comanche, who had great fun killing and looting and raping anything on two legs that wasn't also Comanche. Eventually the Mexican government threw in the towel and said "Anyone who wants to homestead this hell-hole can have a big old piece of free land."

As a result, pioneers surged west forming the nucleus of the new state of Texas to come. After statehood the U.S. government applied the kind of federal military might, using technologically superior weaponry, that eventually forced all Plains Indians onto the reservations for good.

I bring this up because the story of the U.S. vs. the Plains Indians has a lot in common with what we're seeing between Israel and Gaza. Jewish immigrants accumulated in Israel and slowly push-push-pushed the indigenous populations into ever smaller areas to live. These people pushed back with growing ferocity against the invaders resulting in endless atrocities that cost many innocent, and not-so-innocent, lives on both sides.

At the moment it appears that Netanyahu's military, using technologically advanced weaponry, has adopted the policy of "The only good Palestinian is a dead Palestinian" and is keen on killing/starving any and all Gazan residents until they're someone else's problem.

The equivalent of a reservation for the Palestinian's, the two-state solution, would be the best idea for that region in the long run but what do I know?

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for April 4, 2024

Israel may have purposely attacked workers of World Central Kitchen.

Hillary Clinton makes it clear who the best Presidential candidate is.

Top Republican says its party base is infected by Russian propaganda.

No Labels will not mount a third-party candidate in 2024.

FCC to vote to restore net neutrality rules.

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The progressive comic about qualified immunity

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