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The progressive comic about Trump the grifter.

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Bridge To Everywhere

Right-wing media is busy fabricating conspiracy theories about the destruction of the Francis Scott Key bridge, blaming everything from Biden's infrastructure bill to Taylor Swift. Because everything is the Democrat's fault.


The difference between the Key bridge and Jesus is that the bridge will rise again.


This coming Monday everyone will be outside staring up at the sun and beholding this little miracle of astronomy we humans call "a total eclipse". But where will I be?

Jury duty.

Jury. Fucking. Duty.

Hopefully the judge will decide that this rare cosmological event might be a peench more important than which defendant in the case gets custody of the Star Trek Collector's plates and therefore extend the jury pool's lunch hour a few extra minutes.

This Just In: I received a text this afternoon saying that I was no longer needed for jury duty, with no further explanation. So, yay me, but I really don't mind doing such civic duty when called so I think I'll balance my karmic scale by looking for an old lady to help walk across a street... or maybe find a young lady and let her walk ME across the street.


I'm officially in the 49th year of ownership of my '65 Mustang and it celebrated the occasion by suddenly running like hammered shit last week, highlighted by a persistent miss in a heretofore buttery-smooth idle which proceeded to all-hell-breaking-loose under any slight hint of acceleration.

I've been the chief cook and oil-changer to this lovely beast all these many years but this rash of symptoms was new to me. Bad gas? Sticky valves? Timing chain? Bird flu?

I spent three days, most of last weekend, replacing ignition wires and distributor caps, checking and rechecking the spark plug gaps, even popping the valve cover to make sure the valve train hadn't been replaced in the night by a shoe box full of gravel. Sometimes it ran smoothly, sometimes it called my mother names. It was the kind of complete and inscrutable inconsistency that causes one to question if they're in the correct multiverse.

Finally, yesterday, even though I am loathe to let other hands sully my ancient ride, I threw in the towel and handed it over to Emilio at the corner repair shop. I was certain that my little car was doomed, that open heart searchery (sic) was imminent, to later be accompanied by a bill equal to the GDP of small Eastern European countries.

Four hours later Emilio called back and said that it was fixed. I girded my loins, held my breath and asked, as well as I could considering I was holding my breath, what magic he had performed.

Points. A whole $65 worth of repair.

And that's why I am/was an artist for a living. (It's also why Monday's 'toon is on a Tuesday.)

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for April 2, 2024

A Russian assassination unit is frying people's brains. I am not kidding!

Trump's newest grift, his media stock, takes an unsurprising nose-dive.

Trump's (for lack of a better word) "brain" melts like a chocolate bunny on a hot radiator on Easter Sunday.

Florida residents will get to vote on access to abortion in November.

Texan is diagnosed with bird flu, which is a pretty big-ass deal.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

the five stages of grift. Trump
denial: I didn't lose the election! It was election fraud. I need lots of donations to fight this.
anger: I'll teach them! I'll sell these classified documents to my friends and make a bundle!
bargaining: If someone will send me money I will use it to run for president again. Honest.
depression: Look at this legal bill. If only I had money to pay it.
acceptance: Thank you for your son's college fund. Are you sure this is all of it?

The progressive comic about Trump's endless grifting

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