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The progressive editorial cartoon about the multi-universe Kevin McCarthy.

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What's In a Name?

In my neck of the woods, the north-eastern part of Texas, there are two schools of higher education whose names have always caused me minor irritation... TCU and SMU, also known as Texas Christian University and Southern Methodist University. It's clear from their names that some faucets of their information streams may be crimped as certain modern scientific facts and/or philosophies may not be considered Jesus-y enough for malleable young matriculators. For us 'enlightened' types the names of these colleges almost scream "Bronze age taught here."

It's clear from the data that the U.S. is rapidly becoming more secular, to the point where someday a freshmen on campus might look at the sign over the door and say "Who's this 'Christian' guy this place is named after?"

All I'm suggesting is that now would be as good as time as any for these schools, and many others like them, to consider re-branding else they might soon find themselves as out of date as Southern Mithra University or Texas Canaanite University.


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Lefty News for September 16th, 2023

Thanks to the Dobbs decision many women are deciding not to have children.

Sarah Huckabee consigns citizens of Arkansas to painful deaths.

Kevin McCarthy leans heavily into by-the-book of GOP hypocrisy in impeachment inquiry.

President Joe Biden seeks to thwart future federal cronyism by Trump.

U.S. auto workers go on strike.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Kevin McCarty
Forestry agent: I will imprison Joe Biden for starting forest fires, though I have no proof.
FIA official: I will ban Joe Biden from Formula 1 racing for stealing a McClaren MCL60, though I have no proof.
Copyright lawyer: I will blacklist Joe Biden from Tik-Tok for plagerizing Kendrick Lamar, though I have no proof.
House Leader: I will impeach Joe Biden.
GOP elephant: Okay! We get it! We get it!

The progressive editorial cartoon about the multi-universe Kevin McCarthy, world's worst speaker of the house.

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