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The progressive editorial cartoon about a penicillin shortage and a syphilis epidemic.

end rant

Sick. Sick. Sick.

Supreme Assholeness Nutshelled: Republicans limit access to abortion, even criminalize it. Women's clinics close. Services to prevent social disease spread vanishes. Syphilis spreads unchecked resulting in newborns dying as a result. Penicillin used for syphilis epidemic exceeds supply and is unavailable for all other diseases. Long story short: Conservative attempts to "save" the unborn results in actual deaths of newborns. Read all the gory deets here.

Good going, Grand Old Assholes. Take a bow.


So Mitt Romney is all "Ooh! I hate Trump! He's so stupid! Please buy my book about how much I hate his guts."

Funny. I remember when the putrid, entitled vulture publicy ate shit in a failed and humiliating attempt to get on board the Trump Grift Train 2016.

trump and romney


end rant

Lefty News for September 14th, 2023

Kevin McCarthy falls face-first into a self-made impeachment cess-pool.

Mitt Romney decides to leave government service and destroy this country from the private sector again.

Fox News is sued again for spreading 2020 election lies for Donald Trump.

Judge Cannon kicks Trump securely in the balls in classified documents case.

Syphilis is raging in Texas and newborns are dying, both as a result of Republican abortion policies.

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Classic Raging Crappola
kevin mccarthy comic
Ode to Kevin.


Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

We, the GOP, seated judges that restricted access to abortions.
Lefty: Which caused ob/gyns to flee Red states.
We, the GOP, closed woke, socialist enterprises like Planned Parenthood.
Which spiked the rate of social disease among pregnant women.
We, the GOP, know what's best for American mothers!
You mean like causing newborns to die of congenital syphilis?
We, the GOP, didn't force societal change that resulted in a penicillin shortage. It's all biden's fault.
Of course it is.

The progressive editorial cartoon about dead babies, a penicillin shortage and a syphilis epidemic.

kevin mccarthy  comic president gore  comic