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The progressive editorial cartoon about the veracity of the bible.

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Let me see if I have this right....

Women have the ability to conceive and carry to full-term a maximum of about 30 babies over a reproductive lifetime.

So why did God give them approximately 350 eggs? I think that's a good question.

To me this obviously means that God intended for 320 little souls to be washed away, once a month, over each woman's lifetime, never intending the little dears to be born, grow up, listen to Nickleback, die and then someday sit by His right hand in Heaven as long as they didn't eat shrimp.

Either God isn't that concerned with "souls" or Republicans are bullshitting us about abortion in order to control women and be huge assholes in the process.


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Lefty News for May 16, 2023

If all of this is true, Rudy's going to go to jail forever.

Biden White House announces $11 billion for rural renewable energy.

Florida truckers protest DeSantis' anti-immigrant laws.

House Democrats move to force expulsion of George Santos.

12-year-old Texas boy charged with murder after shooting Sonic employee.

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Jesus was the son of god.
his birth was announced by angels.
three kings attended his birth.
and gave him gold and other gifts.
he cured leprosy and blindness with his bare hands
and after he died he arose from the dead!
Ooh-ooh! And he was born of a virgin!
Dynamite, baby! Sex sells!
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The progressive editorial cartoon about the veracity of the Bible.

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