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The progressive editorial cartoon about the CNN Trump town hall.

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Trump only ran for president in 2016 because he knew he'd be running against a woman, meaning Hillary had to play by decorum's rules. She did and it hurt her during the debates. When Trump started wandering the stage and leaning over her she was too startled and too mannered to tell him to sit his fat ass down.

Trump agreed to CNN's "town hall" because he knew he'd have a proxy Hillary to abuse. And he did. (He also knew CNN would pack the hall with Trump voters.)

Let's all recall that during the lone presidential debate in 2016 Trump tried that bullying nonsense and Biden told him to STFU. Trump lost.


I didn't watch the coronation as I  have no interest in royalty. It's an appendix on the gastrointestinal body politic, having no useful function but capable of causing serious pain or death. (See: Princess Diana.)


end rant

Lefty News for May 12, 2023

Clarence Thomas finds a loophole for being a greedy, unethical swine.

Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville defends white supremacy in the military.

Supreme Court recognizes transgender pronouns.

E. Jean Carroll may sue Trump again.

Disney CEO puts the boot in DeSantis' rear.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about the CNN Trump town hall/rally.

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