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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump the Nazi superhero.

end rant

The Man From Grifton

When Hitler came to power his goal was to conquer those nearby countries which posed a threat to his regime, getting a butt-load of revenge on France in the process. These attacks made strategic sense and worked well until der Fuhrer decided Russia was next on the menu. In contemporary parlance, Hitler neglected to kill the pilot of the first plane before training his sights on the second.

Along the way Hitler killed a few million Jews, gays and gypsies to keep his asshole bone fides. Like Trump, Hitler thought he'd be in power forever and didn't have to worry about covering his tracks. It took five years to take Adolf out and it make take the same five years of court trials to put Trump away forever, too, but it should happen.

Trump seems to want to be the next Hitler but he won't be interested in taking territory.
The last two countries America would even think of invading would be Canada and/or Mexico. Canada would be left alone because they're, well, just so darned nice. As for Mexico, we're damned sure not gonna make them part of the U.S. after we've spent so much money on keeping them out by  building expensive fences.

This means Trump is just going to have to get his jollies, if elected, by imprisoning, torturing and/or killing those who reside within this country's borders who resist his peculiar charms. Something he's already promising to do. And with the Insurrection Act in his pocket he can do it, too, unless and until some patriotic grunt remembers the story behind the magic phrase "Sic semper tyrannis" and puts the next right-wing nut-job's finger on the "Coke me" button. Just like the founders of this country intended. Sigh.

Let's instead make it easy on this country and just vote like our lives depend on it next November, keeping Trump out of office and on trial until Hell freezes over so hard it restores the polar ice caps.


end rant

Lefty News for November 15th, 2023

Trump opens can of rabid, zombie, killer worms with 'citizen's arrest' comment.

President Joe Biden slams Trump for using the language of Hitler and Mussolini.

Rudy Giuliani has some 'splainin' to do regarding Russian contacts.

Trump's Truth Social has lost $73 million dollars in two years.

President Joe Biden's policies are keeping inflation at numbers lower than that of other nations.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about Nazi superhero Trump.

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