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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump and Mein Kampf.

end rant

Müll Rein, Müll Raus.

It's been reported that Trump keeps a copy of Adolf Hitler's speeches by his bed. Too bad it wasn't the work of A. A. Milne as it would a HELL of a lot more fun watching Trump getting stuck in a rabbit hole because he ate too much honey instead of hearing him lay out plans for concentration camps.


In case you missed it, Moody's reported that America's credit is currently AAA, the highest possible mark due to its robust economy. However, they're putting it in the "negative" column because they perceive that the Republican Party is trying wreck the economy for political purposes.

Republicans: "We will wreck the economy to get a President who will wreck the Constitution."



A poll came out last week stating that Trump was beating Biden in six swing states. Then Democrats came out three days later and absolutely stomped the Republicans in the elections, making unprecedented gains in some cases. Plus, almost taking the Mississippi governorship. And they might have done it, too, except for some strange reason there were not enough ballots to go around that day.

Good old bottom-of-every-important-criteria Mississippi.

There's little doubt in my mind that the poll was aimed right at the heart of Democratic voters but all it did was piss 'em off. No matter what the corporate media says, Democratic voters will be there, all 82 million of them, and more, in 2024. Guaranteed.


And finally, did you know that Uruguay gets 98% of its energy from renewable sources? And did it all in the last fifteen years?


end rant

Lefty News for November 13th, 2023

Trump is using the Nazi playbook.

President Joe Biden slams Trump for using the language of Hitler and Mussolini.

Trump wants to win for one reason: Revenge.

Goldman Sachs: "Inflation has been beaten and there's no recession in sight."

President Joe Biden has erased $127 billion in student loan debt.

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We will root out and dispose of undesireable vermin and deport, or send to camps, all those who poison the blood of this country.

The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump and Mein Kampf.

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