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The progressive editorial cartoon about horrifyingly large fucking trucks.

end rant

Truck Nuts

There was a time in this country when if you bought a pick-up truck one of the options was the heater.

Yes, the heater.

Now they ARE heaters. I mean, have you ever stood next to one of these beasts idling on a city street on a hot day?

We're living in a world which faces environmental collapse. The last thing we need right now are these super-sized, road-blocking, resource-hogging, gas-guzzling, rolling pussy wagons that are only occasionally used for their intended purpose. This country used to manufacture sensibly sized pick-up trucks and the only thing stopping us from making them again is corporate greed, because you just KNOW selling these things is like printing money.

But just because these big, shiny hunks of nut-sweat set off dopamine avalanches in the minds of "manly men" doesn't mean it's good for them, or us. You want immediate pleasurable stimulation? Go buy some crack.

The American consumer, it's clear, will not save itself from itself. We need legislative action against these behemoths, and soon, before they get any bigger.

BTW, the above goes double for those gargantuan SUVs that blot out the sun. May they fall in the river. May they sink into the earth.


Trump's attorney, Jenna Ellis, just flipped on him. Her statement of guilt began (emphasis mine): "As an ATTORNEY who is also a CHRISTIAN….."

You know, somehow those two words aren't mutually exclusive when you consider that anal sex is where (Trump) lawyers come from.

All "joking" aside, for her to stand before the judge and pretend that she was somehow duped into working for Trump is insulting to anyone with a properly functioning prefrontal cortex.

She plead out a felony which means she cannot practice law (or so I'm told) which means she can now only work for Fox News, Newsmax, The Supreme Court, Congress, Etc…


That's two comics in two days. See you tomorrow.


end rant

Lefty News for October 24th, 2023

Former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis flips on him.

This is your Republican Party on crack.

If Trump ever had it then I'd suggest he's losing it.

A Republican state Senator took a gun to Hong Kong, and got arrested because HK is sensible about guns.

200,000 people showed up for a pride parade in Orlando, in defiance of DeSantis' politically-motivated hatred.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about horrifyingly oversized pick-up trucks.

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