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Later, Gators!

gone fishingI was going to give everyone detailed instructions on how to kill a man by removing his blood cells one-by-one via quantum entanglement, but time is short and clients are growing annoyed so I must away to my so-called vocation. I'll be back soon, though, to spew more bile and venom at hacks and Republicans so, until then, bon appetit and see you at the movies.

BTW, this "God makes clothes from animal skins" stuff is officially the closest I've come to a running gag since I started this cartoon lo those many years ago, this being the third version in the past couple of months. Why? Let's just say I find the notion of an all-powerful diety pimping-out his finest biological experiments like Fred and Wilma Flintsone to be too damn funny to leave alone. So, yes, there will be more.


end rant

Mike's Video Vault: Yes, it's Doh-Me-Doh Day.


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