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Bad News

ted baxterIn 2003 the Bush administration strong-armed, lied, and bribed its way into an invasion of Iraq. Anyone who was paying attention knew there were ulterior motives far beyond the fictional WMDs. One of the few voices in broadcast media making a fuss about the invasion plan was Phil Donahue, who at the time had the number one show on MSNBC. Since the Military Industrial Succubus could not brook even the smallest voice of dissent Mr. Donahue's show was yanked almost immediately. Veteran newsman Bill Moyers calls this "The Day That TV News Died."

The talking heads on the evening news don't warrant contracts worth millions of dollars yearly because they can pronounce "nuclear" properly, they earn it because they're willing to turn off their pretty little morals and read whatever is put in front of them like they mean it, even when it's written by Hallibutron, Boeing, or General Electric.


richard dawkinsIn case you're unaware of every single, scintillating segment of my life I run a little heathen popsicle stand called Born Again Pagan. It's full of every sort of graphic or textual heretical nonsense I can get my hands on.

For the past few days one of the pages on the site has been very, very popular, a page entitled "The Shit Richard Dawkins Says". It's a collection of quotes by one of my favorite atheist schmott-guys, while the title references the largely-forgotten Twitter account Shitmydadsays.

Anyway, go take a look and see what the fuss is all about. Heck, you might want to share Dick's page yourself.


end rant

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Sometimes I feel sorry for the people of our enemy. Not only does their government continually fill their heads with propaganda and spy on everything they do but almost one percent of them are rotting away in prisons. As for the rest, many go hungry or die of sickness because the government would rather spend its money on expensive military systems, but all their arsenal of nuclear weapons has done is to increase their arrogant nationalism.

Yes, we're lucky to be North Koreans.
Yes, we're lucky to be Americans.

The only difference is that Kim Il-Jung-Il and President Obama is that Kim is a puppet of the military and President Obama... NEVERMIND!

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