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Always Watching

Today is Day Three of my "January Classic Raging Pencilsfest". This 'toon is from February 15, 2010.


It probably wouldn't surprise you to learn that I follow a great many web-toons and, regardless of how you feel about me taking this month off, there are a handful of comics who haven't updated since the election.

Each day I check the latest page only to find the same comic from last October. If it was just one webcomic I'd say it was illness or disinterest but since it's several of them, simultaneously, I'm guessing there's more than a little existential angst at work. These strips have long story arcs so they can't just plug in something from the archives to fill in the holes, like I can.

Just sayin'.


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Viking commander:
For the hundreth time, Vlabowski, the answer is yes, we rape all the women and kill all the men... even the really cute ones.
Oh, pooh.