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The progressive comic about trump being found guilty of election fraud

end rant

Blessed Are the Icemakers

Yes, I know I promised a May 31st cartoon last Friday but it not only took me longer than I thought to dig out after the power outage (A huge windstorm knocked out power to a half-million Texans this past Tuesday morning) but my trusty, rusty Mac Pro refused to restart after the power returned. [Sigh]

So say hello to the new 'toon and to my back-up Mac Pro!

BTW, that power outage stopped me from creating thirteen 'toons for the month of May. It's been a while since I was able to do that in a month.


Convicted felon Donald Trump.

It has a nice ring to it.


In the wake of the cosmically-delicious guilty verdict meted out in New York last week I'm going to take a moment to stomp and scream about the Presidential Pardon.

Why do we need Presidential pardons? Yes, in the beginning of this Republic it was no doubt a very noble idea but it's clear that it is not only easy to abuse but a clear danger to any and all but the conniving, populist fascists who buy and cheat and treason their way into the White House.

And, really, how many people does it help every year? Not very many. So is that small number enough to retain it yet continue to allow something like a Trump to spread it around to his cronies like cheap party favors?

No, I think not.

Still, I think we should keep it as there are many cases where injustice has occurred and this may be the only solution but with the added proviso that it limits the President's pardon power to only those to whom he has no relation, similar to a judge recusing himself from a case.

Sound fair? Does to me.


Two Power Outage anecdotes:

By late afternoon of the fourth day of the outage the battery level in my iPhone had
reached a crisis point, so I started up the car, plugged it in to the outlet and leaned back to listen to NPR. Not three minutes had passed before my phone burbled and launched a small text alert:

"Your security system is unstable."

I blinked at the message a time or two as I'd heretofore never seen this message before realizing it was telling me that my home security system was back online. Which meant the power was back!

And it was! Yay!

Second anecdote: After the power returned I did a full clean-out of the 'fridge (my only loss was a bag of flour that had gotten soaked) and I decided to set the energy selector to "high humidity". The moment I flicked the switch the 'fridge died.

"Oh, no! I killed it!" was my immediate response. Then I noticed all the lights were out in my house. I then checked and discovered the entire neighborhood was dark again.

So it was just a glitch in the system, the lights returned after fifteen minutes, but for about ten seconds I felt I had the power to control all energy in my 'hood.



Did anyone notice the slight revision to the appearance of the Lefty character? Yeah, I kinda got tired of drawing that "casaba melon" nose.

- Lefty

end rant

Leftacular News for June 3, 2024

One-in-three Republican voters, otherwise known as "those stupid motherfukkahs", now think convicted felon Donald Trump was (face-palm) the wrong candidate.

Right-wing media is hiding convicted felon Donald Trump's dementia form the public.

Convicted felon Donald Trump claims he never said "Lock her up!" regarding Hillary Clinton. Oh, reeeeeeeally, convicted felon Donald Trump?

Mexico elects first female President! And she's Jewish!

Convicted felon Donald Trump says he's OK with serving jail time but he also once said we'd never see him again if he lost the 2020 election. Go right to Hell, prisoner Shitzenpants.

If you need a break from the insanity that swirls around us
then enjoy the fuzzy love of The Project:

the infinite cat project

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Recently: Okay, Trump has been judged guilty of election fraud. Do you still support him?
MAGA: He hasn't had his appeal yet.
He's lost his appeal.
He hasn't been jailed yet.
He's been jailed.
Jail won't stop him.
He died in jail.
Still voting for him.

The progressive comic about convicted felon Donald Trump being judged guilty of election fraud.

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