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The progressive comic aboutTrump's nazi tendencies.

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Reich Or Wrong

The Trump campaign recently posted a video to social media that included the words "unified reich", a clear and unmistakable nod to Nazi fascism.

Trump is, of course, claiming no responsibility for the video but these kinds of things don't appear out of thin air. Without almost any doubt the production passed inspection by Trump himself before it hit the data-streams. He needed to send his troops a clear message to stand back and stand by in the months to come. Certainly it was important that the American people understand Trump's fascist inclinations but, sadly, the media fury that surrounded the video's appearance magnified the message beyond all expectations for Treason Boy.


The U.S. economy is like a car and presidents have always treated it differently. George W. Bush, for example, never changed its oil in eight years and eventually rolled it in the last few months of his time in office.

Barack Obama took that wrecked heap and rebuilt the engine
and brakes. Then he straightened out the bent panels and gave it five coats of metal flake red, white and blue paint.

Donald Trump got his hands on it in 2017 and let his Russian and Saudi Arabian friends whack it with a sledge hammer at a dollar apiece. He also let Russian whores pee all over its interior. He then filled it with manure and let it sit in a field unprotected with the windows down for four years until the floor pans rusted out and the engine seized. "Rust is a hoax" he was heard to say.

Joe Biden took possession of it in 2021. He sent the engine out for a complete rebuild and began a complete, frame-off reconstruction of its rusty remains. The body and interior parts were slow in coming due to supply chain problems caused by Trump but eventually they arrived and Joe finally got the car in running condition. After three years all it needed was new paint and a complete brake job but the American people were unhappy that it was taking Joe too long to finish the job, reminding him of the wonderful condition of the car when Trump first took office. "Why", they asked "couldn't it be as pretty and powerful as that 2017 version? Maybe we need to give it back to Trump."

What happens to the car in 2025 is anyone's guess, but what we DO know is that many American people are fucking stupid.


Just a thought: If mankind had mastered genetics before the Bible was edited and compiled there would  be no mythical story of Adam and Eve.

- Lefty

end rant

Leftacious News for May 22, 2024

Trump stole more classified documents than we were initially told.

Nikki Haley appears from the mist, proves she's still a moron, and then disappears again.

Trump engages in a fantasy we would all enjoy coming true.

Stupid people believe America is in a recession.

President Joe Biden cancels another $7.7 billion in student debt.

If you need a break from the insanity that swirls around us
then enjoy the fuzzy love of The Project:

the infinite cat project

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Flag with swastikas and red ties.
Trump: I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of my United Reich of America. And to the former Republic, which was so totally unfair to me, eat my stinky shorts.

The progressive comic about Trump's predilection towards naziism.

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