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The progressive comic about the 2024 presidential debate.

end rant

Tactical Nuclear Debate

We have one candidate who's spent the past three+ years spending every moment fully engaged with running this country, successfully I might add, while the other candidate has spent his time whining, pouting, golfing but mostly losing brain cells while trying to stay out of jail for a multitude of crimes.

So I wonder which candidate will have the more resonant message to bring to the American people on the debate stage.

Hmmmmm. 'Tis a puzzlement.


I kinda feel sorry for Marjorie Taylor Greene. She's beginning to feel the heat from her voters for doing nothing for the past two years besides being an irritable little bleach-blond, butch-body bitch and now she'll be soon be rendered a vestigial politician once the Democrats re-take the House in 2025.

She could, and should, get out of politics but she's too butt-ugly for Fox News and too stupid for anything but the kind of government work that only a Republican can fail upwards into. (I took the challenge of ending a sentence with two prepositions and I won!)

Bye, Felicia.


Alchemist/Astrologist/Troglodyte/Judge Samuel Alito got caught lying about why he was flying an upside-down U.S. flag outside his cave in apparent sympathy with a convicted rapist's failed attempt to overthrow the U.S. government.

Keep in mind that Sidney Powell said part of the coup-plotters plans were to have Judge Alito put the vote-counting into legal limbo, but that damned Pelosi went ahead and affirmed the vote count before rioters could drive a stake into the heart of the Constitution.

I'm beginning to think Sam's taking this whole "unimpeachable, legislating from the bench and ruining everyone's life because it's fun until I die" thing a bit too seriously.

- Lefty

end rant

Leftacular News for May 17, 2024

Marjorie Taylor Greene goes full-asshole.

Did Judge Alito really fly a "Stop the Steal" upside-down flag at his home? Yes. Yes he did.

Biden/Trump debate will have no live audience. Good idea!

U.S. trucks begin delivering aid to Gaza on floating pier.

Paul Pelosi attacker sentenced to 30 years in prison.

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The progressive comic about the 2024 presidential debate

trump in court  comic giant trucks  comic