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The progressive comic about the Supreme Court's obeisance to Trump.

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The Supplicant Court

I prefer Presidents who don't require a specific list of rules telling them who they can and cannot kill when they've had a bad hair day.


An anagram for "Supreme Court" is "Scrotum Puree". Make of that what you will.


Since the assembled Supreme Court didn't immediately, as one, give a firm and boistrous "No!" to the question of whether a President, or former President, has immunity for criminal activity President Joe Biden should have said "This means I'm immune. Thanks for clearing things up."

At which point:

1. The President would lock all six Trump justices, along with all Congressmen and Senators known to ally with Russia, in the nearest Marott.

2. With a super-majority of Democratic Senators and Congressmen Mr. Biden could then sit a new set of six Justices on the Supreme Court using a list of recommendations provided by the Bar of Washington, not the Heritage Foundation.

3. The newly assembled Supreme Court would quickly address the Presidential immunity question and make a decision based on the intent of the Constitution. Meaning, the President has no special immunity during or after his adminstration.

4. Exactly one minute before this decision is set into law the Judges and Congressmen would be given their freedom. Mr. Biden would also then pardon all government workers involved in these actions. Since Joe Biden had immunity during this process he could face no legal consequences.

Hope you're listening, Joe.


Michael Dreeben, representing the U.S. before the Supreme Court yesterday, just stuck his very pointed thumb in the eye of the six Conservative Judges:

"I would take issue, Mr. Chief Justice, with the idea of taking away immunity. There is no immunity that is in the Constitution unless this court creates it today."


Sooo unhappy with the Supplicant Court yesterday as they now seem poised to send the case back down to a lower court for clarification of the Presidential immunity rules. Which means if Trump steals the next election his Gang of Six will have another opportunity at making him emperor because Trump's lawyers will, without doubt, relitigate the rules.

When President Joe Biden wins the next election, and he will, he needs to send a case to the Supreme Court that forces them to set precedent, in detail, of just how immune a President can be in eyes of the Court. Enough already with giving evil men like Trump/Putin loopholes to work their will against this tortured Republic.

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for April 26, 2024

Judge Alito goes full-successionist in Trump immunity case.

President Joe Biden announces he'd love to debate Donald "Covfefe" Trump.

Trump's lawyer tells Supreme Kangaroo Court the President can kill on anyone a whim.

Majority of Americans no longer trust the White Supremacist Court.

Biden administration makes airline travel better for consumers.

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The progressive comic about the Supreme Court's obeisance to Trump.

trump comic abortion comic