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The progressive editorial cartoon about the legal liabilities of Adam n Eve.

Zippa-de-do Net!

in the late 90s, we were all paying a small tax attached to our internet and phone usage that was meant to help pay for a nationwide web of high-speed internet. And what happened to all that money, calculated to be in excess of $200 billion dollars? It kinda disappeared into the bank vaults of the major players of the telecommunication industry, never to be seen again.

Then in 2010 Google started offering Google fiber, high-speed internet at reasonable prices, sometimes even free. After a promising start it bogged down in 2015 and rebranded itself as Alphabet. As of now, about 450,000 homes have Google broadband. It continues to slowly provide new services

Nowadays, thanks to deal old Joe Biden and his Democratic pals, billions have been invested into the high-speed internet system. I, myself, am currently the subsidized beneficiary of this progressive largesse. And today the President launched a Phase Two of the program, promising to have high-speed access to every American by 2030.

Lets hope we maintain our Democracy long enough to see it come to fruition.


end rant

Lefty News for June 26, 2023

Judge Samuel Alito's wife gets into the grift game.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is (What's the word? Oh, yeah!) a moron.

SCOTUS overturns Louisiana's gerrymandered voting map.

Truckers threaten boycotts over Florida's ridiconkulous anti-immigrant laws.

Trump funnels campaign donations into his legal fund.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Eve holding apple over her breasts: Hey, Adam! Check these out!
Adam: Yeah. so.
Josh: Before we continue with this comic I'd like to remind everyone that Adam and Eve are no less fictional than Superman, Bilbo or Godzilla. They're mascots of a business that should be held to the same legal standards as of any other industry and should be taxed accordingly. We now return to the joke already in progress.
Adam and Eve in the desert: Hey, Eve! How about another apple?
Forget it. I'm saving myself for marriage.

The progressive editorial cartoon about the legal liabilities of Adam n Eve.

drug deals comic classified docs comic