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The progressive editorial cartoon about aliens in Hell.

Home Cheap Home

The holy Bibble says our pets can't go to Heaven 'cause they ain't got no soul, but it's more like the guys who created these myths realized if little piggies and moo-cows had souls then they'd be waiting for us in Heaven with nun-chucks and brass knuckles to show us a little appreciation for gnawing on their corporeal asses down here on Earth.

There are no doubt unknown alien races out there so advanced that they would make our civilization look like a dog track by comparison. And if they cleaved Jesus, or its otherworldly equivalent, to their green, scaly bosoms I doubt they'd consider mankind fit for Paradise. We'd be relegated to something that would look like the Rainbow Bridge although it'd be in color ranges only mantis shrimp can see.


Okay, so I have an idea to help solve the housing crisis. It's embryonic, not perfectly thought out, and not humorous at all.

I call it... The Forever Home.

Okay (deep breath) so in an effort to slow the ridiculous rise in home prices we need houses whose value increases very slowly and whose costs are affordable by those unable to buy a gazillion-dollar house that is so typical today.

To make this work, our dear government could offer a zero interest loan on new homes, or older homes that fit the requirements. These homes would be tagged as "Forever Homes" and can not be sold for profit though the price can be adjusted annually tied to inflation.

These homes can only be owned by the homesteader and can never be rented or VRBO-ed.

I know this is antithetical to everything we've been taught about our homes, about them being an investment, but this avenue of greed is forcing hundreds of thousands of families to sleep on the streets.

The fruits of this program wouldn't be immediate but if twenty or thirty years down the line a three-bedroom home can be had for less than the GDP of Bermuda then it will be a success.

And, no, I did not go into every little detail of this plan. This is just me thinking someone has to start the conversation somewhere.


end rant

Lefty News for June 21, 2023

Justice Samuel Alito is a rent-boy for the rich.

Trump made promise to execute people he already pardoned.

Judge to reveal names of those who paid George Santos' $500k bond.

DeSantis anti-immigrant laws results in mass worker exodus from Florida.

Democrats want Jared Kushner investigated.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about aliens in Hell

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