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The progressive editorial cartoon about MAGAs voting against their own self-interests.

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Sign of Duh Times

I'm getting this funny hunch that a certain non-male demographic within the Raging Pencils social umbrella may have taken some umbrage with me at having "God" characterize Marjorie Taylor Greene as "a crazy bitch" in my last comic. I understand full well the implications of bandying such a disturbing, misogynistic phrase about but I couldn't resist depicting an all-powerful deity, the very one whom Ms. Greene often invokes, hoisting her with pointed accuracy on her own non-secular petard.

(In real life I have aimed such a phrase at a female acquaintance only once in my adult life. That was over thirty years ago and I still regret it. No regrets about lobbing a big fat, juicy one at MTG, though.)

Allow me to say in my defense that what "God" uttered was not completely accurate in comparing her to a female dog, though that may simply be a matter of semantics, yet it is without question that, when compared to what you and I would define as "normal", Ms. Greene has more than just the aroma of craziness about her. To me, it is more like the Chicago stockyard of insanity wrapped in a steaming hot turd sandwich, rampaging over hill and dale in a hateful haboob.


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Lefty News for March 21, 2023

Minnesota becomes fourth state to offer free school lunchs for all students.

Penguins receive replacement lenses for cataracts.

Hateful scumbag Alex Jones reportedly hiding funds to avoid $1.5 billion legal payout.

Ignorant Texas anti-abortion law forces woman to continue pregnancy despite fatal fetal anomaly.

President Joe Biden designates 500,000 acres in Nevada as a national monument.

If you need a break from the insanity that swirls around us
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The progressive editorial cartoon about MAGAs who vote against their own self-interest.

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