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The progressive editorial cartoon about the price of gas.

end rant

Bread and Circuses

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Thank you all for sharing a part of your day this past year with this raging idealist. May you and your family continue to enjoy many happy and free Thanksgivings to come.



Yes, both presumed candidates for President are beyond their sell-date but I tend to think of Biden as a nicely-aged cheese or a vintage wine.

And Trump?

Moldy orange and skunky beer.


Do you know what contributed to the inflation that resulted in gas prices being so high today?

Higher gas prices.

The price of fuel is reflected in almost every part of our modern life. Food, housing, driving around with your pants around your ankles looking for unwary Girl Scouts. It all adds up.

Yes, I know there are other factors that increase inflation but you have to wonder what the cost of living would look like over the past fifty years if we'd begun to get off the gasoline-go-round back in the 60s when researchers, and oil companies, already knew our environment was in danger.


There is so much misinformation on the internet, and the number of legitimate news sources (I.E. newspapers) are disappearing left and right, I think it's become vital to this country's sanity to develop a social media platform that's one part Old Twitter and one part Wikipedia.

Imagine if you will a web site which requires full authentication of its users and mandates that they always use their full names. The site will allow all users to cross-check and modify each others posts in cases where the truth has been fudged. (For this site's foreign readers the word "fudged" is an American colloquialism which is synonymous with "noises escaping Trump's pie-hole when he's not in an adderall-and-Big-Mac induced coma").

Whaddaya think?


Technical note: Today's cartoon involved the germ of an idea that I wrestled with for several days before finally finding the one suitable means to express it from among dozens of possible directions. Yes, ADHD is an uncompromising companion.


Finally, I need to share the sad passing of someone near and dear to my family. At only the age of twenty-five Heaty, my hot water heater, quietly expired this past Sunday night after a courageous and lengthy battle against butt-cancer of the tank. He is survived in life by his adopted family of dryer, stove and refrigerator but was preceded in death by his dearest companion, Whirly, the washing machine. In lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be made to Frank's U-Fix-It Parts and Supplies at the corner of East Main and Hwy 63. Se habla Espanol.


end rant

Lefty News for November 22th, 2023

Vehicle explodes on US/Canada Rainbow Bridge.

An abortion clinic named after Judge Alito's mother opens in New Mexico.

Trump denies getting a golden shower from four hookers. Wait... four hookers?.

Only 21% of Florida voters approve of Matt Gaetz.

Democrats nearly doubled Republicans in October fundraising.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Red Hat: It's Biden's fault gas prices are so high!
Actually, gas is cheaper than you think.
Who the hell are you?
Hi, I'm Barry, the oil barrel. And adjusted for inflation, you're paying about the same 30 cents per gallon motorists paid in 1965. Luckily for you, gas prices don't include the trillions in taxes Americans paid for oil wars or the huge economic costs resulting from climate change.
Well, Biden is still too old to be president!
Deathy: Actually, Trump is old as fuck, too.

The progressive editorial cartoon about the price of gas

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