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The progressive editorial cartoon about the Republicans and Halloween.

end rant

Trick of Trout

The people of Israel and the people of Gaza are not monsters, they're victims. The monsters are the governments of both countries. May they both rot in Hell for what they've done.


Yes, the GOP can spin a tale or two... but so can I:

It was a tiny neighborhood bakery off a side street in a sleepy little town. It was run by an older woman whom all the kids called "Maman". Her shop was filled with her bread and pies and muffins but she was best known for her specialty cookie, one which bore the image of Jesus holding a red icing heart in his hands. Everyone loved this cookie and bought them by the handful, but what they didn't know was that it not Jesus's face on the cookie.

It was the face of the man who stole her love when she was very young. And she smiled every time someone bought her cookies because it meant they were eating the heart of the man who betrayed her.

The end.


Stay tuned as I may have one more 'toon on the 'morrow.


end rant

Lefty News for October 30th, 2023

Mike Pence drops out of presidential race. The nation's flies lament.

Judge reinstates gag order against toddler Trump.

President Joe Biden signs executive order to reign in AI abuse.

Biden administration widens fight against antisemitism.

NYT Opinion page: Joe Biden knows what he's doing.

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And once them old zombie Democrat bite ya you'll starthaving a late-term vanity abortion because you got all sexed-up from reading too many history books that were smuggled across the border by illegal transexual immigrants who hate both Jesus AND corporate tax cuts. OOOooo! Scary, huh?
Kids looking at phones: Uh-huh.

The progressive editorial cartoon about Halloween and Republicans

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