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The progressive editorial cartoon about bullets with your name on them.

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What's worse than there being enough bullets in this country for every American's name to be written on one?

There's actually enough guns in the hands of the public for each American to have his name written on one.

Feeling safer yet?


Charles McGonigal, an ex-FBI official who has been financially balls-deep with Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska for years, who was instrumental in forcing Comey to release the Clinton lap-top slime just before the 2016 elections, who is pals with that other Russian tool, Paul Manafort...

And he's tied so close to Trump you can almost smell the rope burns.

Lock em both up! Forever!

BTW, please see the classic 'toon below to see who ELSE has Deripaska connections.

Historical note: Bill Barr protected Trump's ass from the Mueller Report, as we all knew he would. Which Democrats voted to confirm Barr as AG?

Doug Jones.
Joe Manchin.
Kyrsten Sinema.

Manchin and Sinema I get, and they're both profiting handsomely, but Jones? Still scratching my head.


There was no comic this past Monday or Tuesday as I was recovering from my second and final bout of cataract surgery. It went well and I'm seeing 99% normally again. If you have any doubts about your cloudy vision, get this procedure now.

After the surfery the doctor informed me that I probably suffer from sleep apnea. This is unfortunate news but the mental image I have of myself happily snoring away on the operating table is not one I ever saw on Marcus Welby.


end rant

News & Notes for January 25, 2023

Former FBI official, tied with Trump, charged with money laundering for Russian oligarch.

18 dead in California mass shootings over three days.

Florida moves one step closer to actual book-burning.

Michigan to call for free pre-K for all 4-year-olds.

RNC signaling that its 2024 Presidential candidate will not attend debates.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about bullets with your name on them.

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