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The progressive editorial cartoon about how to eliminate Republicans using sunflowers.

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Seeds of Destruction

Is it possible that Joe Manchin was finally shamed into agreeing to a bill that helps the environment?

(And, yes, I know he got some lots of legislative sugar in the deal.)


If the coup-coup had succeeded and Pence had been hanged the GOP would be now gleefully saying among themselves "He deserved it."

Instead, it's Trump's neck in the noose.


Investigators seeking clues for crimes often speak of "the smoking gun".

In the Case of the Capitol Insurrection it's turned out to be a smoking assault rifle.


Trump acting DefSec Chris Miller on Fox: "There were 10,000 national guardsmen at the Capitol on January 6."

Miller, under oath before the J6 Committee: "There were NO guardsmen at the Capitol on J6."

Miller, later that day on Hannity: "Did I say 10,000? I meant 20,000!"


Psychiatrist: A person you pay to resolve your delusions and anxieties.

Priest: A person you pay to reinforce your delusions and anxieties.


For all semi-literate aspiring poets out there, "guacamole" does not rhyme with "asshole".


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News & Notes for July 28, 2022

GOP reacts to Democrats legislation by dooming veterans to painful death.

After Matt Gaetz body-shames teen she raises $500k for abortion funding.

Texas children read prohibited books at "Banned Camp".

Democrats leave McConnell in their dust.

Since 2021 Big Oil has spent over $200 million dollars to sabotage climate action.

If you need a break from the insanity that swirls around us
then enjoy the fuzzy love of The Poozycat Project :

the infinite cat project

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The progressive editorial cartoon about how to eliminate Republicans using sunflowers.

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