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The progressive editorial cartoon about abortion.

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Picture This

I think it would be instructive at this point in the conversation about abortion to post photos of babies born with fatally catastrophic birth defects, the kind that women would be forced to bring to full-term thanks to the Dominionists on the Supreme Court, but I'm not as venal and heartless as those six Conservative judges are.

To put it bluntly, women who need abortions should be able to have one. They are not going door-to-door with a grapefruit spoon looking for pregnant women.


Roe v. Wade did not have to be codified into law because it has always been understood to be "settled law".

The six Conservative quislings on the SC don't care about law, only power.


"Judge" Alito used the phrase "domestic supply of infants" like they ought to be conveniently available in vending machines next to cigarettes and Coca-Cola.

Actually, Alito DOES think of women as vending machines.

Fuck that guy.

Let me add that it's a small step from "domestic supply of infants" to "ambulatory depot of transplantable internal organs".


It is not legal in this country for a 16-year-old girl to adopt a child but, according to several members of the Supreme Court, she can be forced to make the babies for the open market.

Welcome to Fucked-UpLand.


Has anyone who takes Christianity seriously ever laid awake at night and thought about their dead relatives roasting in eternal hellfire because they shoplifted a Snickers when they were 12?


This is a rather pathetic fact to reveal but my comic output of comics this month (4) now equals the total output from either March and April. I think my brain is finally coming back online. Thanks for hanging around, folks.


end rant

News & Notes for May 9, 2022

Ex-Attorney General Eric Holder says Trump should be indicted for January 6 Capitol riot.

Texas Republicans plan on taking control of all state uteruses if Roe is overturned.

Indiana man jailed for murdering his wife wins (Just fuck me!) Republican primary from jail.

President Joe Biden announces new interent discount plan for needy Americans.

Ted Cuz couldn't tell a preaceful protest from a tiki torch.

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Woman : You believe that God bestows life on a fertilized egg at conception. Right?
GOP elephant: Well, yes.
And you believe if you're good, when you die, you go to heaven. Right?
Well, yes.
So if a pregnancy is terminated the little soul within the embryo will go to heaven. Right?
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So there's no need for you to restrict abortion. Right?
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The progressive editorial cartoon about abortion.

abortion comic abortion comic