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The progressive editorial cartoon about critical race theory.

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Critical Race-Card Theory

Democratic Senators are Senators.

Republican Senators are Senatraitors.


Trump: "We need to shoot Americans!"

General Milley: "Fuck off! We're not shooting anyone!"

Fox News: "That Milley is so mean! Presidents get to shoot anyone they want... unless the president's Black, I mean."


Was it worth it, Chauvin?

Was it worth it, you murderous tool?

I know you'll never see this message and that, oddly enough, makes me feel even better about your 22-year sentence.


I think Biden's approach to the infrastructure bill is meant to confuse Congressional Republicans. Which, if you think about the average IQ of these people (Gaetz, Bobert, Gohmert), shouldn't be too hard.


end rant

News & Notes for June 26th, 2021

California allocates $5.2 billion in rent relief.

EPA watchdog says Trump appointees kept fired employees on the payroll.

Congress votes to reinstate methane regulations loosened by Trump.

Charges against Trump Organization could be a death blow to his company.

USAA pushed to cease advertising on Tucker Carlson over his "pig" remarks.

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Conservative elephant: The 'theory' of evolution? (Chuckle) My, how droll. A theory is just an idea. which means evolution isn't proven. it's just a theory.
Also Conservatives: Critical Race Theory! It's REAL and it's coming for your children! Boogah-boogah!

The progressive editorial cartoon about critical race theory

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