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The progressive web comic about Trump fucking up everything.

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Never Forget

The GOP screamed "Repeal and Replace" about Obamacare but never created anything to replace it with.

Louis DeJoy is "repealing and replacing" the USPS.


Do you know who recommended the Post Office be given a $25 billion dollar loan? An amount that has reduced Fat Hitler to a state of pure hysterical apoplexy.

It was the six members of the USPS Board of Directors.
Every one of which was appointed by t-Rump.

In fact, the postal board of governors asked Congress for $25 billion to cover COVID losses over the next two years, plus another $25 billion for modernization, $14.4 billion in forgiveness of outstanding loans, and a $25 billion line of credit.

So when t-Rump gets up on the podium and cries about all those billions being wasted i mail-in voting, he's lying.


t-Rump has jumped with both feet into the birther septic tank again claiming he thinks Kamala Harris wasn't born in this country.

It's untrue, of course, so I think it'd be fair if Democrats responded, loudly, by saying a candidate should be automatically disqualified for the office of the President if he or she has companies in other countries.

Convince me I'm wrong.


A couple of days ago Mike Pence reacted to Kamala Harris's introduction as the Democratic VP choice thusly:

" Well I've got some red meat for you: We're not going to let Joe Biden and Kamala Harris cut America's meat!"
You and I understand the moronic subtext of Pence's fear-mongering, that "Those tree-huggin' West Coast Liberals are going to force everyone to eat kale and broccoli for breakfast, lunch and dinner until the icecaps finally stop melting. I say NEVAH!"

The irony here is: Have you looked at the prices of meat? I'm a vegetarian myself but I have friends who are happy omnivores and they have idly mentioned on more than occasion that they've seriously considered hocking Grandma's silverware just to be able to afford a pound of lean hamburger.

t-Rump's mishandling of the pandemic has led to meat prices approaching a 20-year-high, so if American's are eating less meat it ain't because of Kamala.

However, if there's such a thing as an obesity crisis resultant from fear and uncertainty then the t-Rump administration is the triple-decker-with-onion-rings-and-cheese heart attack special.


I figured my postman probably needed a smile so I made this little message and taped it to my door. It looks a bit odd because it's behind a screen door.

louis dejoy sucks


end rant

News & Notes for August 15, 2020

Trump's post office mddling is illegal.

The new postmaster general met with Trump in the Oval Office last week. Why?

Nancy Pelosi says the GOP is in total disarray.

Trump's Israel-UAE peach deal is a sham.

Former Attorney General says postmaster general should be prosecuted.

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