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The progressive web comic about Trump and the Covid-19 infected meat industry.

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"You Want Virus With That?"

We just finished the NFL draft for 2020 and the most important stat for any player wasn't his size, weight, or speed.

It was his psychological exam.

Yes, any player who wants to be in the NFL has to take a long, detailed, psychological test. This makes sense as no team owner would want an actual psychotic loose on the field or off.

So why don't we require our presidential candidates to take the same test?

Yes, Fat Hitler needed to take a psych exam before we let anyone vote for him but you know who needed that exam more?

The people that voted for him.


Maybe we should begin to reconsider electing people, especially to the presidency, who essentially look at the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as a dare.


t-Rump called for a National Emergency regarding the coronavirus ONLY after the stock market began to crumble. He had been warned that the virus was coming and chose to whistle past the graveyard instead of doing anything that would save lives.

Again, the stock market crash is the only reason he waited so long to take action. Though some would say, myself included, that he has YET to take action.


"The federal response [to the coronavirus] has been absent or disastrous or occasionally, in the hands of the president, insane." - Rachel Maddow, 4-27-20

When a Rhodes Scholar, like Ms. Maddow, publicly calls a government official "insane" one's ears should kind of perk up, to put it mildly.


The Republican governor of Texas, my great state, is giving the go-ahead for restaurants, malls, and theaters to open this Friday. So far, we know that Covid-19 causes strokes and blood clots and lung dysfunction and kidney dysfunction and heart damage and, honestly, medical researchers are only beginning to fully understand all the ways this virus can hurt us.

So until a vaccine is developed (IF a vaccine is developed) carry-out food, curbside service, postal delivery and streaming media work just fine for me.

Stay safe.


The U.S. has 1/30th the world's population.

The U.S. has 1/3 of the world total of Covid-19 infections.
Hmmm, I wonder why we have ten times more cases, on average, than the rest of the world.



(There is much speculation that the U.S. infection rate is much higher than the "official" number.)


GOP, 2001: "We must use every technical advancement, every legal maneuver, no matter what the cost, to ensure that Terri Schiavo, that cute little white girl, stays alive until Jesus decides she's served her Lord faithfully enough and is finally whisked off to Heaven."

GOP, 2020: "Tests and vaccines? To save mamaw, papaw, and a bunch of welfare queens? LMAO!"


Allow me to end today's Rant by stating that McDonald's is in no way connected to the coronavirus pandemic... except for the employees in several of their stores who have contracted the disease. Apart from that, their food is as wholesome and nutritious for humans as any other American fast-food establishment.


end rant

News & Notes for April 28, 2020

Mike Pence tours Mayo Clinic without a mask... LIKE A REAL ASSHOLE.

Kansas Democrats triple primary turnout thanks to mail-in voting.

Ohio's Republican Governor splits with Trump and his polls rise.

Surprise-surprise! Trump ignored intel mettings about the coronavirus.

Republicans now afraid Trump will drag them down with him.

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