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Progressive comic about how  Republicans care more about profit than public health.

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We Need A Greed Vaccine

Ohhhh, so Mike Pence is going to head the coronavirus response, is he?

The last time he headed a health crisis, as governor of Indiana, he contributed to an outbreak of HIV when he focused on prayer rather than prevention.

He only brought the problem under control by implementing, wait for it.....



It should be noted that the best way to fight the coronavirus is socialism. Rugged individualism ain't gonna cut it.


t-Rump's lackadaisical approach to something as deadly as the coronavirus is clearly "Let the old people die so we don't have to pay 'em that Social Security."

This, of course, isn't t-Rump's philosophy, it's clearly part of the Republican grand master plan. It's going to require stealing the House, Senate and Presidency again but, when they do, say "bon voyage" to grandma's housing assistance and as many health benefits as possible.

I'm not pooting hot gas here. Just today t-Rump said he'd like to cut senior heating subsidies to pay for the coronavirus program. I'm guess he thinks it's no big deal since after they're all gripped in a viral fever they won't even notice the heat is off.

Such a stable little genius.


ABC just suspended correspondent David Wright for privately saying "Trump is a dick" and "a nightmare spouse". (He was secretly recorded by Project Veritas, a notorious right-wing group)

ABC is a dick.

And CBS is a dick, too. Nice debate, guys.


end rant

News & Notes for February 26, 2020

Two-thirds of voters say the rich should pay a wealth tax.

Trump, that pathetic moron, is facing his 'Chernobyl moment' after slashing pandemic defenses to the bone.

Trump, that evil dumbass, wants to cut heating subsidies for the poor to pay for his coronavirus program.

The fabulous Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reads the entire Green New Deal into the Congressional Record.

The covert Trumpian power grab.

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GOP: You can't blame us for putting more emphasis on incarcerating children than concentrating on disease prevention.
Yeah. Our cronies can't demand $750 per night to put a freakin' virus in a cage.

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