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Progressive comic about lousy last words and climate change.

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Lousy Last Words... Just Not Mine

Yes, I know. I realize that the majority of humans on this planet suspect something about our climate is seriously amiss and that, without doubt, we primates are to blame.

Sadly, our lives are controlled by "The Golden Rule of Incompetent Sanitation", whereby he who has the gold makes a lot of really shitty, self-serving rules.


Suppose Captain Rawdawg touches off the kind of racial civil war that results in nothing but lily-white humans owning the field. Does this mean if only "good white people" remain in America that there's no reason for the citizenry to any longer own guns? By that I mean, if there are no more Mexican rapists fixing your sink or big black bucks suspiciously carrying junk food through your neighborhood, who is left to protect your family from with some hot lead?

No, if America was 100% white people like Douchebag Mussolini would eventually choose one nationality or another to scapegoat into oblivion. And we'd be right back where we are today.


Conservatism works because it serves up simple ideas to simple minds. For example:

Conservatives: "White Power!"
Normal People: "Create a society where everyone lives in peace and harmony with one another regardless of race or skin color."

Conservatives: "Build the wall!"
Intelligent People: "Develop economic cooperation with nearby countries and help raise their standard of living so its citizens won't need to emigrate to this country in order to survive."

Conservatives: "MAGA!"
Regular People: "America is a great country but it has its share of problems, mostly because of income inequality and endless war. If we tax the rich a tiny bit more and cut the military budget by 10% we can rebuild America's infrastructure, better fund our schools, provide better health care and clean up the environment.

Conservatives: "God."
Rational People: "Cognitive humility. Evolution. The Copernican principle. Holism. RNA. Deep time. Pessimism meta-induction. Positive-sum games. Self-serving bias. Umwelt. Skeptical empiricism. Cultural attractor."


end rant

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Lousy last words
I can stop smoking anytime I want.
I'll exercise tomorrow.
Vaccinations give you autism.
Climate change is a hoax.

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