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Progressive comic about abortion and impeachment.

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I thought We'd Settled This Forty Years Ago.

The Donnor party -- When they ran out of food they drew straws to see who they'd eat to survive. When members eventually died the survivors ate them as a matter of course. Sometimes you do what you have to do.

With that in mind, until we get the human population way back down under seven billion (and counting) let's stop arguing the dubious "morality" of abortion. Okay?


Alabama's new abortion law penalizes women for disposing of a fertilized egg but doesn't penalize fertility clinics for disposing of fertilized eggs.

Therefore this new abortion law isn't about the sanctity of life, it's about conservative men writing laws that allow conservative men to treat women like shit.


Fat Hitler: "I don't do cover-ups."

"This is my real hair. Stormy Daniels who? I am not a crook. I'm still being audited. I am not three little fat kids inside a trench coat. Saying "I don't do cover-ups" is not a cover-up. I have 'people' who do my cover-ups. Doesn't everybody? What Mueller report? What Russian interference? It's the Democrats that do the cover-ups. Yeah, the Democrats. That's the ticket."


The Republican modus operandi, by all appearances:

When the president is a Republican they use every dirty trick in the book to protect him.

When the president is a Democrat they use every dirty trick in the book to torment him.

In the meantime, they continue to transfer wealth from the 97% to their uber-rich donors just as fast as they can.


end rant

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Woman: But what if the brain is damaged to the point that they're not viable? It's dangerous to allow them to go full term. The result would be disastrous.
GOP elephant: You're not capable of making the decision to end anything, honey. That will come from five men on the Supreme Court.
Lefty: Why are we still arguing about abortion?
We're talking impeachment.

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