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where did bill barr come from?
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Progressive comic about Trump's 10,000 lies.

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I Hate to Have to Explain the Joke, But...

It's been estimated that Fuckface von Clownstick has puked-up at least 10,000 whoppers since entering the White House. That's an average of about one lie per waking hour, so a clock like the one in my 'toon is not so far-fetched.


I generally like Bill Maher. He seems to be "one of us".

But not last Friday.

Ohhh, shit! Not last Friday.

During his latest "New Rule" segment Maher totally misrepresented the Mueller investigation, complaining that there was no indictment of Drumpf, or that Mueller didn't follow the money, or that Mueller ended the investigation too soon.

Bill, Bill, Bill.

(1) Mueller had one job: To look for Russian interference in the 2016 election. That was all.

(2) Mueller didn't follow the money because (See 1).

(3) Mueller didn't end the investigation. Barr ended the investigation before Mueller was finished, and he obviously had a long way to go. Cheeto-Benito couldn't fire Mueller without being obviously obstructy but he could have his reliable toady call off the dogs.

(4) Mueller didn't indict Twitler because (See 3). Besides, indictment of the Prez is NOT the DOJ's policy, as Mueller has reminded us. Thankfully, Mueller left plenty of breadcrumbs for the House feast upon, and there's still a shit-load of redacted tidbits for dessert that are "wafer-thin", if you get my drift.

(5) And even if Mueller was only after dirty Russian hackers he still put many of Agent Orange's closest patsy's in jail along the way, not to mention opened 14 on-going investigations into Trump and his business pals.

At the very least, when Boss Tweet leaves office he'll eventually occupy the same jail cell in which Michael Cohen now resides, for the very same crime. Maybe they'll give each other a terrorist fist bump as they pass each other in the hall.

I honestly don't understand why someone as savvy as Maher decided to take such a simple-minded, Fox News-like stance on the Mueller investigation. It honestly frightens me that he actually took five minutes to give Barr and Trump cover.


How long before the Giant Orange Man-Baby and Fox News try and make us believe our Quisling-in-Chief was born of a virgin?

Also, how long before he issues an executive order declaring his birthday be changed to December 25th.


If you had a guy in your office that said stuff like "Didja know that doctors execute babies after they're born?", he wouldn't have his job long.

But that's our little quisling.


By my rough calculations it's been over 3600 days since George W. Bush cleared any brush.

Gee. I wonder why that is.


And finally: Joe Biden, go home. 76 is not the new 40.


end rant

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Is that a cuckoo clock?
In a sense. Once an hour it announces Trump's latest lie.
Cuckoo! Doctor's execute babies! Cuckoo!
Ah! Two o'clock. Right on the dot.
" Totally exonerated! Cuckoo-cuckoo-cuckoo-cuckoo-cuckoo-cuckoo-cuckoo-cuckoo-cuckoo-cuckoo-cuckoo-cuckoo!"

Where did Bill Barr come from? the russian aluminum plant