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Progressive comic about Republicans embracing white nationalism.

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One Man's Trash

Did you ever see one of those R-rated films that you know was originally XXX-rated but the producers cut out all the money-shots so they could market it to a wider swath of consumers who wouldn't know the difference?

I fear that's Thursday's Mueller Report.


Russian oligarch and election-enthusiast Oleg Deripaska is investing millions of dollars into an aluminum plant in Kentucky.

Phew! It's a lucky thing that good old Mitch McConnell will be there to keep an eagle eye out for any financial shenanigans.

(That's sarcasm, just in case today's cartoon lured in any conservatives.)


Trump 2016, thinks: "Hmmm, now that I'm an accidental president I can either prepare to go to jail for all the criminal activity I've been involved with OR I can let my rich friends help me destroy Democracy in order to enjoy my hamberders and covfefe. What to do? What to do?"


The more our Hamberder in Chief says he really really really really really REALLY doesn't want to release his tax returns the more we really really really really really REALLY need to see them.


I've been thinking about this and I'm going to offer an unsatisfying and not-so-surprising prediction:

Trump will never spend a day in jail.

Oh, he might pay some hefty fines IF he doesn't start a world war but he'll walk free simply because rich people never go to jail for stealing from the poor. Unless you live in Iceland, whose people threw all the banking CEOs in jail and rewrote their Constitution after the economic meltdown of 2008.


And finally: Senator Bernie Sanders, you totally rock!


end rant

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