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The progressive web comic about how evangelicals consider trump to be the new jesus.

start rant

They misspelled "lard".

This comic stems from a comment on Reddit which stated that over 4.3 billion people had read the Bible.

Much slapping of forehead ensued.

I think this person's math was that if you subtract all the Chinese and Indians from the total population of Earth then that means the remaining 4.3 billion are Xtians, and every Xtian has, of course, read all the Jesus-y parts of the Bible, which takes about twenty minutes, plus any other pull-quote that supports whatever bullshit notion they might have to make the lives of normal humans miserable.


I'm going to play the "If I Had One Wish" game.

And here we go:

"If I had one wish I'd wish that mankind would stop believing in god and/or gods."

I really don't think we could do much better than that.


Today's Raging Pencils "Big Balls Award" goes to James Shaw Jr., who tackled the Waffle House shooter bare-handed. You da man!

Today's "Small Balls Award" goes to Rand Paul, for tucking his tail and puking up a yes-vote for Mike Pompeo.


If the world switched to renewable energy we could stop having oil wars. Then we could use all that money previously spent for useless weapons on things like education and infrastructure, and then the world would be less polluted, and the people would be peaceful and happy and we wouldn't need any fucking guns!


My very first apartment was on the sixth floor of a 12-story building perched on a high hill overlooking downtown Fort Worth. This was many decades ago but the apartment was so seminal to my growth as an adult that I often dreamed of it, mostly in terms of suddenly recalling that I left some valuable items there or that I'd forgotten to pay the rent.

I mention this because I recently learned that the building had been imploded in late March to make way for some new and, no doubt, more commercially valuable enterprise. It's of no real consequence, just odd to think that something you held very dear was totally destroyed, like the Constitution or common human decency.


end rant

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