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Where No Mango Has Gone Before

In the midst of national and international strife I'm going to get borderline geeky on you here...

Okay, suppose you had a super-being who could teleport across space, could create almost anything out of thin air, had all known information at his fingertips, and could change his physical form at will. This would be a pretty powerful individual, wouldn't you think?

And that's why Star Trek failed.

Keeping in mind this is bad TV sci-fi we're talking about here, where anything is possible, the Federation could have tied the holo-deck, the replicator, the ship's computer and the transporter into one devastating entity and every episode would have ended mid-way though the intro... which explains why this never happened.

At the very least, though, you think they would have just once used the transporter to plant a photon torpedo into the engine bay of a menacing Klingon Bird of Prey.


The NRA mantra: "This is my assault rifle, this is my gun, one is for making people fearful about everything in American society and the other is my shriveled tiny, for lack of a better term, 'penis'."


One nice thing I noticed about the "March For Our Lives".

No tiki torches.

Good work, kids. See you at the polls.


Sometimes random goofy shit makes me very happy. Like when I found out yesterday that a 1982 Muppet TV special featured guest star Tony Clifton. Bliss.


These images are not Photoshopped. This not normal.

trump grabbing ivanka


end rant

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1981. Trump: See that one? That's my daughter Ivana. Some day she'll grow up to be a strong, beautiful woman, and I'm totally going to bone porn stars that look like her.