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The Tragic Christian

So that's two prostitutes to whom Trump has paid a fortune in order to ensure their silence.

Well, three if you count Melania.


"So what did you learn today, Lefty?"

That the orange turd in the White House was deemed incompetent in his job by his chief of staff, that the wall is NOT going to be built and especially won't be built with Mexican money, that Trump whored around with a woman whom he thought strongly resembled his daughter, that his campaign manager is going to sing like a bird to Robert Mueller, that the vile slob has the same physical build of an NFL quarterback (At least according to his doctor) and that the giant mango man-baby has all the signs of a man with advanced heart disease.

You know, the usual.


Speaking of which, I'm guessing Alcatraz will require adjoining cells for Trump. One for 239 pounds of his blubbery ass and another cell for the remaining hundred pounds.


When the president says to do something, you do it or lose your job. That's why Trump's medical report lists him at 6' 3", 239 pounds.

I'm personally surprised the report didn't also include the words "12-inch cock".


This is literally Washington right now:

Trump: "I say shithole."
Tom Cotton: "And I heard shithouse."
Dick Dubin: "I heard shithole."
Trump: "I'm in the White House."
Durbin: "Shithole."
Cotton: "Shithouse."
MSM: "Shithole!"
Cotton: "Shithouse?"
Trump: "Let's pay my mistress off."


I wonder how long it's going to take before people start asking how the Koch brothers and the Russians ended up on the same team?


Both Hawaii and Japan has false alarms for missile attacks this week. Something odd and ominous is afoot.


And, finally, it's become abundantly clear that the Russians had been grooming t-Rump for the past twenty years. Shouldn't we now be looking at who ELSE the Russians might be preparing for future treasons?


Bonus note: My spellcheck program didn't recognize "turd", "shithole", or "Durbin".


end rant

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