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The progressive web comic about Trump hampering GOP elections.

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Three-Legged Race

To everyone in Florida: If the stores are cleaned out it's not too late for Amazon to overnight water and c-rations.


My city of Dallas just voted 13-1 to remove a prominent Confederate statue. We also voted for Hillary. Fuck Trump.


Jeff Sessions stood behind a podium as he announced the end of DACA so that no one could see he had splooged his pants in sheer orgasmic ecstasy.


Sessions: "We really don't care HOW much Dreamers will suffer, all we care about is that they won't be voting Democrat again."

The next president, a Democrat, will easily win the election by promising to "tear down that stupid wall".


"Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation." - Walter Cronkite

"Unlike the internet, libraries scrupulously separate fact from fiction. They're funny that way." - Mike Stanfill


From reading the reviews I was led to believe that Jordan Peele's first movie, "Get Out", was the best thing since sliced bread. Having now seen it I want my 87 minutes back. It used WAY too many hackneyed horror cliches and the "twist ending" was far-fetched, to put it mildly. I expected something much smarter but this was just a typical, bloody suspense film using racial tropes to give it more gravitas than it deserved.

But it made a gazillion bucks, so I'm obviously wrong.


Still waiting for the Giant Orange Man-Baby to write that million-dollar check to the victims of Harvey.


end rant

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