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Off the Island!

Today's 'toon has an alternate lurking beneath its surface. Just click the image for more fun-fun-fun!


A primitive village of a hundred, or even a hundred thousand, people could not nearly hope to possess the accumulative intellectual wherewithal to imagine such technological wonders as the internal combustion engine, solar panels, or the Flowbee. That sort of cerebral firepower requires millions or billions of humans fornicating like crazy until, finally, a few bright mutant sparks pop out and begin "Eureka-ing!" all over the place.

So one would think, with over seven billion potential Einsteins running loose, that we'd come up with a better solution for overpopulation than birth control or internecine struggle before environmental collapse takes what's left of us.

Here's hoping.


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Fabulous babe: How could anyone, regardless of how uneducated they may be, allow themselves to descend into such naked barbarism?
John Q. Public: It's just what happens when a belligerent individual is willing to compromise civility by appealing to man's baser instincts in order to attain power.
Lefty: What are you guys talking about?
Donald Trump.
Lord of the Flies.
Elephant head: The real beast is inside us all.