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Dear Mr. President

Okay, so Bill couldn't legally run for president but he could be the vice-president part of, say, a Fiorina/Clinton ticket. However, shortly after the inevitable victory President Carly would suffer a debilitating, incumbancy-ending neck injury after accidentally 'falling' on Bill's penis while she was underneath his desk looking for a pearl necklace to go along with her golden parachute.

Then Bill would take control of the White House and make Donald Trump his VP, ensuring we'd never hear from that braying jackass ever again.


The 'net is a funny place.

The day after this 'toon appeared I posted it on a well-known, highly-trafficked progressive web site, titling it "The Hillary Killer".

The users there hated it. HATED IT. I've been drawing these silly comics for eight years and I have NEVER been exposed to the level of venon expressed at my handiwork before.

I loved it.

Mainly because I believe that they entirely missed my point. They saw the image, and title, as an attack on Hillary but I thought its message was clearly that the only person who can beat Mrs. Clinton in 2016 is the Big Dawg himself. Which is absurd, as was the whole comic.

Plus, for the record, I don't CARE that Bill got a hummer in the White House. That kind of thing goes on all over Capitol Hill, 24/7, and to believe otherwise is naive foolishness.


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Lefty: It’s pretty clear that conservative voters WANT an adulterous, tax- raising president stained by real estate scandal.
But the GOP hates Trump, so before he jumps the shark why not preemptively nominate Bill Clinton?
GOP elephant: Yeah! He'd be the perfect candidate to stop Hillary....
I hate you.