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Tempus Fuggit!

Yesterday,  a Thursday as I recall, I'm working like mad on a paid assignment while also feverishly working out the kinks in the new web site. All day, in the back of my mind, is a clever gag that I planned on using in today's cartoon. I am not always so lucky in this regard. My heart is suffused with rapturous glee that I won't have to sit staring at a white sheet of paper while the clock ticks contemptuously away, waiting for a stray neuron to find the creative bullseye.

So now it's midnight, time to make the do-nuts, as they say. I start sketching out the idea.... and it sucks. I mean a vacuum so powerful that Mother Nature herself stuck her head in the door and said "Hey! Cut it out!".

And that's why today's cartoon is late.

As for ragingpencils.com, which has a lovely new logo, it will finally, thankfully, painfully go online this weekend. I'll be making the final graphic changes today and will spend Saturday weeding out any stray code goblins.

What this means is, sadly, that the cartoon you see above is the very last Raging Pencils. From here on, it's Raging Pencils all the way.

Have a spiffy weekend!


BTW, some of you may wonder why I'm not taking aim at Donald Trump. Two reasons:

(1) Fuck Donald Trump. This is theatre, not politics. He's the civic equivalent of "Pixels".

(2) Fuck Donald Trump.


end rant

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