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Bukkake? Geshundheit.

Lately, every time I think about Donald Trump, I hear the words "political bukkake" in my head. Thus the comic. It took me a while to wrangle the words into proper order. Tough assignment.


I hear that American fear of imminent terrorist atack is as high as after the attack of 9-11.


You're more likely to be trampled by ferrets than killed by an Islamic terrorist. (Christian terrorists are another story. Watch your back.)

You're being played as fools by the media who LOVE this kind of stuff as it sells advertisements.

You're being played as fools by the war-mongers who get rich off foreign exploits.

You're gettting played as fools by people like Trump because he KNOWS you'll fall for this garbage.

If you really want to feel more secure in your homes then stump for harsh revision of the Second Amendment. You might find it interesting to know that since Australia enacted strict gun control in 1996 they've suffered only one mass shooting, and it was a man who killed his wife and children and then himself.

A safe America is not two assault rifles in every bunker. It's no guns at all.

And If you really want to be safe from Islamic terrorists then understand the difference between fighting for freedom and shedding the blood of innocents for the benefit of the petrochemical companies.


end rant

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