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Dear Friends of Raging Pencils;

As many of you who follow this cartoon know I've been in continued litigation (April Fools!) with the legal counsel of Karl Rove for the past two years (April Fools!) as a result of a May 30, 2009 Raging Pencils cartoon in which I portrayed Osama bin Laden and Mr. Rove engaging in a homosexual act. (April Fools!) As a result of the trial (April Fools!) I have been court-ordered to publicly apologize to Mr. Rove (April Fools!), to pay a $107,00 fine (April Fools!), and to cease all further ridiculing of political figures. (April Fools!)

To the readers of Raging Pencils: This cartoon, and this web site, was specifically created to offer a progressive perspective on issues of the day. I have been very pleased with what I've accomplished over the past eight years but in light of the financial aspect of the court's decision (April Fools!) I plan to immediately shift the focus of the editorial content of my comics more heavily towards video games, pets, and general situational humor. (April Fools!)

To Mr. Rove: I am proud to live in a country in which free speech is allowed to flourish freely and openly (April Fools!) but the First Amendment is trickier than it appears, so please forgive me for overstepping the boundaries of parody and stumbling into the muddy waters of libel. You are most certainly not the treasonous homosexual (April Fools!) illustrated in my cartoon and I wish you and your family all the best. (April Fools!) I promise to never, EVER make another cartoon like this one again. (April Fools!)

Again, thank you to all my devoted readers for your continuing support. I hope you all enjoy the new Raging Pencils, beginning April 3rd. (April Fools!)


Mike Stanfill

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