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Abortion is healthy for children and other living things.

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Head Games

mayflowerWhen the Mayflower left England for America in 1620 three of its passengers were pregnant. One child was born and lived to a ripe old age of 81. Another died as an infant during its first winter in this country. The third child died stillborn.

Motherhood was a dangerous condition before modern obstetrics practices became common as pregnant women routinely died of exhaustion, dehydration, infection, hemorrhage, or convulsions. Good midwives were held in high esteem, feted by their communities, and with good reason.

Today many people still assume that the human race was endowed by God with low child mortality rates when, in fact, just the opposite is true. Women bear children in sorrow not because Eve ate of the Tree of Knowledge but because we humans evolved massive brains which sometimes fail to pass through the birth canal.

But these same big brains which allowed us to imagine such fantastical creatures as gods also allowed us to create wonders such as modern obstetrics. (Oddly enough, there's evidence that shows the size of the average brain is shrinking as a result of increasing population. Someday we might simply squirt out like pumpkin seeds but will be unable to solve the Sunday Jumble.)

The pro-life con game the GOP is pandering, again, is just their usual ploy to drum up votes for their failed party. To put it simply, there is no such thing as "pro-life" as it means a woman would have to try to become pregnant every time she had sex. Judging by the fact that 98% of American women have used birth control I'd say that the "pro-life" moniker is much less relevant than Fox News would have you believe.

"Pro-control freak" is more like it."

(Note: The original version of this cartoon featured the woman as the right-to-lifer, but that was wrong as a woman should always be the advocate for safe abortions in this kind of argument. (This error stems from being a typically arrogant, male-centered prick.) This has bugged me for a long time so I reversed the genders today (10-17-13). Deal with it.


Beloved Girlfriend and I started watching HBO's The Wire over the weekend. As far as I know we're the last people in America to see it. So far, it's lived up to its gritty reputation. Looking forward to more.

We also watched Puss and Boots. Quality animation and stellar voice work was dampened by a script trying to be too cute. It's worth a rental but it's not going in the permanent collection.


Note 1: Researchers have announced that they may be able to create an unlimited supply of human eggs from stem cells. THERE'S good news, pro-lifers!

Note 2: Here's one good result of the worldwide economic recession. Italy is telling the Vatican to pay its taxes!

Note 3: Group claims that more soldiers have died by suicide than by conflict. Again, why are we in Afghanistan?

Note 4: A human chain of 30,000 Muscovites encircled their city center in protest of Vladimir Putin's return as president. Too bad we didn't do the same in Florida in 2000.

Note 5: Clint Eastwood on gay marriage, but he could also be talking at abortion rights.


And now our Chart of the Day: Enacted Abortion Restrictions by Year (An ugly illustration of why the GOP LOVES having a black president. It resulted in a tidal wave of racist reactionary voting which allowed the Republicans to begin pushing their antediluvian social programs.)

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Republican Job Creation Update

republican job creation2-27-2012: Congress is back in action and today they'll be considering H.R. 4078, "The Regulatory Freeze of Jobs Act of 2012." It's worse than it sounds as its intent is "to provide that no agency may take any significant regulatory action until the unemployment rate is equal to or less than 6.0 percent." Cue the sad trombone sound.


Dump Fox News

Fox News Lies! Fox News alters video to make cranky lunatic John Bolton look good in a public debate by replacing audience boos with applause.

Click here to help Drop Fox from your cable system.

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Today's Google Chow.

He: Abortion is murder!
She: In Colonial America the mortality rate for childbirth was 12%.
He: Abortion is murder!
She: Worldwide, one women dies from childbirth every 60 seconds.
He: Abortion is murder!
She: Globally, 20 million women a year suffer injury from childbirth.
He: Abortion is murder!
She: 42% of American women who have abortions live at or beneath the poverty level.
He: I'm over-priviliged and take modern medicine for granted!