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Let's fix the Supreme Court

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SleazeFest 2010

shirley sherrodI'd like to go on record by saying that the hounding of USDA employee Shirley Sherrod into an undeserved forced resignation by Fox News and Andrew Breitbart ranks as one of the most pointlessly slimy moves in a long political season of Conservative stink and spew.

What makes Fox News' part in all this even sleazier is that they spent all day demonizing Ms. Sherrod and then, after she was fired, trumpeting how the Obama administration overreacted.

FCC, where are you? (If you're pissed, too, go here and file a complaint.)

Mr. Breitbart, responsible for the doctored video, may have to face criminal harrassment charges for this venal stunt. Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, good luck to you, Ms. Sherrod. You're obviously a fine person and I hope you land on your feet real soon.


To be a bit serious here, I think the Supreme Court is seriously screwed-up. It's currently sloppin' over with judges that act for the benefit of corporations, not the people. It's clear we need either an expanded roster of judges or a system of electing Judges to the office by the American people.

Lest you think that second option is simply MAD, allow me to remind you that the 17th Amendment, adopted in 1913, was created to allow the citizens of the U.S. to vote for their Senators. Until then, Senators were chosen by state legislatures.

We can stop this 5-4 madness if we want to.

Incidentally, the number of judges is not set in stone and it has ,at times, had has many at ten and as few as six sitting judges. You can read more about the Supreme Court here.


The first test of the new comments box went well and I think it's clear that Skibot (if indeed that is his real name) won for Comment of the Day. So here's a No Prize for ya, Skibo!


I got to thinking earlier today that this strip should really be called the "Far Center Side" because I think reason and science should collectively be the fulcrum of dispassionate discourse. Pseudoscience is obviously to the left of center, as it'll accept anything, and religion nestles solidly on the right as it only wants to believe one thing and one thing alone.

Just sayin'.


end rant

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Today's Google Chow.
Tired of seemingly endless 5-4 clusterfucks? It's time to fix:
The Supreme Court

(1) Dramatically increase the number of judges:
"The is vote 1,263 to 572 against cow marriage."

(2) Require judges to campaign for office:
" Vote for me, 'cause I may or may not approve birth control."

(3) Forced retirement by age 125:
"Beg pardon, your honor, but when your head caved in was that a yes or a no?"

(4) Weed out mental defectives:
"The Earth is 5000 years old."
" Next".