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The Southern Strategy worked.

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Aaaaand We're Back!

inequalityIt may seem like ancient history to some of you but a mere 45 years ago it was legally possible to bar someone from a public restaurant if their skin was the the wrong color.

Only 45 years ago white schoolchildren were neatly segregated from black schoolchildren, and black schools were notoriously underfunded.

Only 45 years ago it was not illegal to deny someone a job just because they were black.

Only 45 years ago discriminatory obstacles were routinely placed in the paths of black voters.

Only 45 years ago the majority of the House and Senate were Democratic.

That all changed with the passage of the Civil Rights and the Voting Rights Acts, laws designed to bring justice and fairness to all, regardless of race, creed or nationality. These are good things.

Aahhh, but our little Conservative friends have been busy over the past 45 year repealing all the progress as a result of the Civil Right sactss, especially ever since they got their hands on real political power beginning in 1968.

For example, today the public schools have been systematically underfunded, basically left to rot on the vine. They suck so bad that parents fortunate enough to afford it are sending their kiddies off to private schools.

Scholastic segregation. Same as it ever was.

Today few people know if their vote actually counts as computerized voting machines are acknowledged by experts to be easily hackable. That is, if the machines function properly, or if there are enough of them to go around, especially in minority areas.

Voting discrimination. Same as it ever was.

Today, jobs are scarce as they've all been shipped overseas, and black unemployment rates are much higher than white unemployment rates.

Economic segregation. Same as it ever was.


For those who think I'm exaggerating in today's cartoon about Southern politics allow me to recommend you take a gander at this. It's a 1:17 youtube movie which shows the shifting political allegiances across our country since 1920. Except for a brief flirtation with Jimmy Carter (the anti-Nixon) in '76 the South has been clearly voting along racial lines for 45 years, all thanks to the Civil Rights bill.

Thanks for nothing, you redneck assholes.


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Back in 1964 LBJ passed the Civil Rights Act. This outraged us southern folk as we don't cotton much to being told how to run our business.

That why the white majority in southern states have ever since faithfully supported the Republican party.


We sure taught them niggers a lesson.